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Books by Garrett Hardin

Creative Altruism: An Ecologist Questions Motives, The Social Contract Press, 1999, ISBN: 1881780120.

Exploring new ethics for survival: the voyage of the spaceship Beagle, Viking Press, June 1972, ISBN: 0670302686.

Filters Against FollyFilters Against Folly, How to Survive despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely Eloquent, Viking, 1985, ISBN 067080410X, (233p).
Highly recommended. Cuts through fuzzy thinking to get to the heart of the issues.
(See review by Carl Bajema).

Living Within Limits Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos, Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN 0195093852. (352p).
Wonderfully rich in clear logic, original ideas and insights. Received the 1993 Award in Science from the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

New: the entire content of Chapter Eight, Growth: Real and Spurious, is now available to read on this website. (PDF, Word Document).

Mandatory Motherhood Mandatory Motherhood, Beacon Press, 1974, ISBN: 0807021768, (156 p).
This second volume in the Garrett Hardin Reprint Series is a terse, convincing, and often witty discussion of a wide spectrum of controversial issues, including the implications of giving a fetus all the rights of a human being, the feminist arguments concerning a womens right to control her own body and the males penchant for legislating that right, and the question of when life really begins.

Naked EmperorsNaked Emperors: Essays of a Taboo-Stalker, William Kaufmann, Inc., 95 First St, Los Altos, CA 94022, 1982, ISBN 0-86576-032-2, (261p).
A bold, thought-provoking and essentially hope-filled critique of majority opinion. Hardin examines, evolution, immigration, language as a subtle enemy, and human ecology.

Nature and Man's Fate, New American Library, 1965, ISBN: 0451611705
An understandable and interesting explanation of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Population, Evolution, and Birth ControlPopulation, Evolution, and Birth Control, A Collage of Controversial Ideas, Ed. Garret Hardin; W.H. Freeman, 1964, ISBN 0716706709, (381p).
An engrossing collection of articles, reviews, and criticisms reflecting all shades of opinion on what is perhaps the most important social problem facing mankind.

Promethean Ethics: Living With Death, Competition, and Triage, University of Washington Press; May 1980, ISBN: 0295957174, (82 p).

Science, Conflict and Society, W.H. Freeman, San Francisco, 1969, (384p).

Science and Controversy - Population a Case Study, San Francisco: W. H. Freeman and Co. 1969.

Stalking the Wild Taboo Stalking the Wild Taboo, The Social Contract Press; ISBN 1881780112, (376p).
This first volume in the Garrett Hardin Reprint Series has over sixty pages of new material including a new preface and three never-before-published essays. Dr. Hardin undertakes to shatter the misconceptions that haunt and confuse many of the most important topics of our times.

The Immigration Dilemma The Immigration Dilemma: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons, Federation For Immigration Reform, ISBN 093577615X, 1995, (140 p).
This collection of Hardin's writings shows how timely his warnings have been that too many people pursuing scarce resources spell ultimate disaster. A sorely-needed moral compass on the issues of immigration.

The Ostrich Factor The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia, Oxford University Press, 1999, ISBN 0195122747, (180p).
With clear logic and imaginative insight, Garret Hardin has again given us a strong helping hand in the unending task of overcoming denial of the tough issues in population, economics, and ethics.
(See review by Craig Straub; excerpts and review by Ed Glaze, and

The Tragedy of the Commons, ISBN 093577615X, (140p).
Hardin's classic work. Also see links to commons-related websites and commons explanatory cartoons.


Also see Garrett Hardin's complete bibliography.