The Garrett Hardin Society

About The Garrett Hardin Society

Garrett Hardin merged unyielding biological principles with ethical considerations. The Garrett Hardin Society (GHS) promotes the continued recognition and discussion of Dr. Hardin's compassionate insights as an ecologist, biologist, philosopher, teacher, and father.

Humankind is embedded in a finite biological setting. Garrett Hardin's writings enable us to responsibly assess our surroundings to optimize the quality of life for present and future generations. By perpetuating Dr. Hardin's writings, GHS will provide a meaningful opportunity to discuss ecological, economic, demographic, and ethical issues.

Dr. Hardin was not deterred by the complexity or unpopularity of issues. He squarely confronted the human condition and its intricate connection with the natural world. GHS will perpetuate this informed decision-making process to establish a framework for understanding our enduring obligations.

A sustainable quality of human life requires knowledgeable and courageous decisions. GHS will continue Dr. Hardin's tradition of probing societal taboos disrupting the balance required to sustain human life.


Founding Members

Wayne Lutton
John Rohe
Craig Straub
John Tanton


Ex-officio Members

Garrett Hardin
Jane Hardin




Fred Elbel

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