The Garrett Hardin Society


Garrett Hardin, April 10, 1977
Garrett Hardin (on left), April 10, 1977


Garrett Hardin, 1959
At the Hardin's, 1959. Garrett is sitting on the lawn with the chairman
of the biology department, Mary Erickson. To the left is Elmer Noble, and
right of Garrett is Jane Hardin.


Bio faculty 1958
Bio faculty 1958, Garrett is in the middle of the second row from the bottom.
Mary Erickson was chair at the time, in the bottom row, center.


Bio faculty 1958 closeup
Bio faculty 1958, closeup


Salsipuedes String Quartet, 1966
Salsipuedes String Quartet, 1966


Salsipuedes String Quartet, 1966
Salsipuedes String Quartet, 1966
Ken Brown, Susy Barrymore, Garrett Hardin, Herb Fingarette


In the late 1950s, when my husband Carroll got a job at the DA's office in Santa Barbara, I had just finished my master's in biology, and found a job at UCSB being a TA and doing some research with Professor Ed Triplett. We immedidiately felt a close affinity to the Hardins, as a family, and for Garrett's positions on population, etc. I wonder how many people know that Garrett played violin, and had a string quartet, which they called the Salsipuedes? Just about that time, their violist was about to leave, and since I played violin, I cheerfully offered to learn viola and become part of their quartet. I borrowed a viola, learned the rudiments of the alto cleff, and spent many a joyful afternoon playing quartets with Garrett, Herb Fingarette, Philosophy professor and second violin, and Ken Brown, teacher of classics at midland school, music critic for the Santa Barbara News Press, and cellist. Such diverse and interesting conversations for this young biologist to hear when we would take a break.

For my husband and me, remembering the Hardin's as a family, and playing quartets at Hardin's, are several of many special remembrances of the Hardin's.

     - Susanne Barrymore