The Garrett Hardin Society

Garrett Hardin


The Garrett Hardin Society is dedicated to the preservation of the writings and ideas of Garrett James Hardin. A common thread throughout his work is an interest in bioethics. Trained as an ecologist and microbiologist and a Professor of Human Ecology at the University of California for more than thirty years, he is best known for his 1968 essay, The Tragedy of the Commons.


Humankind is embedded in a finite biological setting. Garrett Hardin's writings enable us to responsibly assess our surroundings to optimize the quality of life for present and future generations. By perpetuating Dr. Hardin's writings, the Garrett Hardin Society will provide a meaningful framework to discuss ecological, economic, demographic, and ethical issues.


Update: the entire content of Living Within Limits Chapter Eight, Growth: Real and Spurious, is now available to read on this website. Video interviews are now available for viewing.

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