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Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Garrett Hardin, New York, Human Sciences Press, 1992, ISSN 0199-0039, (349 p).
Papers in this special issue of Population and Environment were written in honor of Dr. Hardin's 75th birthday. Includes articles by Paul Ehrlich, Richard Lamm, Joseph Fletcher, and others; with a retrospective by Professor Hardin.

Managing the Commons, Edited by Garrett Hardin and John Baden; Indiana Univ. Press, 1998, (264p).
An anthology of essays that explore the implications of Garrett Hardin's classic essay, The Tragedy of the Commons. The commons are the world's common resources, and the tragedy is that it clearly to an individual's advantage to exploit a common resource as thoroughly as possible. Yet if all individuals were to follow this strategy the resource would be exhausted - to the detriment of all. Clearly, to maintain the world's resources there must be limitations on the individual's (and the corporation's) right to exploit.

Population, Evolution, and Birth Control, Assembled by Garrett Hardin, Freeman, 2nd edition June 1969, ISBN: 0716706709


The Social Contract Journal The Social Contract Journal, Theme: Garrett Hardin - An Introduction and Appreciation, Fall, 2001. Available online at the The Social Contract.